FAQ's of Vision AC


1.  What is an air conditioning system used for?

Answer: An air conditioning system is intended to provide and distribute cooled (and, in certain situations, heated) air across a room or structure. Filters are used in modern equipment to remove particles from the air, and the cooling process also helps to dehumidify it. Vision Air Conditioning enhances air quality, creating a more pleasant atmosphere for building occupants and guaranteeing the smooth operation of sensitive equipment


আমার Vission একটা রাইস কুকার এক সপ্তাহে 3 সার্ভিস করছে তারপর ও ঠিক করতে পারে নাই। একদম বাজে সার্ভিস দেয়।

Vai ato baje service.. kono response nai .. RFL er name kharaph kortese

Ac power off /on remote no service

Almost 20 days, I was called for AC servicing still no response from support team !!!

eto baje customer service tader bolar bahire

Ac kinchi 3 sapta hoese armode somosa help line phone disi 4din hoese lok asar khobor nae

1mas o hoyni ac kinci...basay ese lagay dea gece fine but 2ta choto chele k pathano hoice ac laganor jonno....now indoor dea pani pore khat vije jay....ei hocce obostha...jader ac lagate pathaice tader dekhei mone hoice j company er lok jon service a koto ta carless

Vison AC 2.5 ton problems error code u1, u2, u3, u4 whate a problem brother

P6 error code

Please help for pendrive setting in vision smart tv

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