FAQ's of Vision TV

Vision TV: Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) Basic Info. What is the meaning behind LED TV? LED means Light Emitting Diode. It is mainly based on LCD structure with LED as backlight unit. What types of LED TV does vision have? Basic TV & Smart TV What is Smart TV? A smart TV is a digital...

FAQ's of Vision AC

1.  What is an air conditioning system used for? Answer: An air conditioning system is intended to provide and distribute cooled (and, in certain situations, heated) air across a room or structure. Filters are used in modern equipment to remove particles from the air, and the cooling process also helps to dehumidify it. Vision Air Conditioning...

FAQ's of Vision Washing Machines

1.   Which is better in the Vision front-loading and vision top-loading washing machines? Answer: The front-loading and top-loading machines are designed to serve different laundry needs with the same efficiency. Adding to it, the space is also a thing to consider while opting for one of them. If your laundry area is compact and has smaller...


Dear Vision Customer Care Service,
Good wishes, can you please give the details about your showrooms or sales centre?
Thanking you,
Dr.Md.Saghir Abdur Rahim

Vision eto boro company othocho after sales service khub e baje. Aftersales service somporke showroom a gele unara kisu jane na. Unara sudhu bikri korte jane. bakita help line a phone den. kn vai eto boro boro showroom er ki dorkar jodi aftersales service somporke sekhane kono help e na paowa jay. warranty check er option ta to thaka uchit at least. Bikri kore day ses ebar nosto hole ere phone dao ore phone dao.

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