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Experience Cinema Quality picture in Your Home with Vision big size LED TV range. Do you want to watch TV like in the cinema? Vision makes your home a theatre easily. Vision TV creates masterpieces of colours, contrasts, light moods, fantastic picture quality, and sound from one set. Here you will find a list of all participating 4K resolution android UHD TVs and Dolby surround sound systems. First, the best: Whatever your preferred type of television, Vision has the ideal model for you. Are you a die-hard movie buff, a design lover, a series fan, or a casual viewer? Whatever you are, here you will find what you need. To give you a general idea, we offer you this brief presentation of the most important models. You just have to decide which one is yours.

 Android TV

Vision Electronics, a leading brand in electronic products, has introduced Google-certified Android TV as Bangladeshi's first local brand in the Bangladesh market.

The main difference between unauthorized Android and authorized Android is that the former loses all its functionality within a short time. This is very different from the situation when an Android device is activated.

Google Authorized Android TV's own operating system and the accompanying Play Store applications will be automatically updated, and viewers will be able to enjoy the official features of Android.

Bangladeshi popular brand vision has got acceptability among the customers for its best quality. Vision always tries to introduce the best quality electronics products with the latest technology, keeping in mind the customers' demand. We hope, the TV having modern features, will get popularity among the customers.

From 32 inch Google Android TV are currently available in the market along with 43" G3S galaxy, 50" G3S galaxy & 55" G3S galaxy Google authorized Android TV.

Our Android TV Price depends on its size & features. We offer to customers at convenient prices with discount & EMI. 

 TV Price in Bangladesh

Television is an extremely popular household appliance since it is a low-cost form of entertainment. Vision TV provides a wide choice of best price HD TV, Full HD TV, LED TV, Smart TV, and Android TV in Bangladesh to make our choosing and purchasing process easy. With a plethora of movies, games, and drama series available on this technologically advanced television, everyone may enter the world of entertainment.

Vision TV has been carefully chosen to enhance your viewing experience with the best quality at the best price.

TV Price depends on its feature, size & build quality. Vision offers the best quality LED TV, Smart TV at a reasonable price in Bangladesh. Customers can buy with 9-12 month EMI up to 0% interest. 

 TV Sizes & Features 

The smart & android series, especially 43", 50" & 55" G3S galaxy series has built-in Wi-Fi and Ethernet connectivity to allow access to the google play store, live colour technology, IPS & VA display, 4K panel resolution, dynamic contrast Enhancer, DTS audio format support, vivid/standard / cinema/game/graphic/photo/custom picture modes, Google play/ Chromecast /Certified Netflix recommended / Authorized Youtube/ Amazon prime video HDR 10 enable/ HDR gaming TV feature. The main features of these TV is bezel 

less /zero-bezel design, Slim blade stand, Power saving mode, 2 GB RAM &16GB ROM, Slim blade stand design, AC power cord.


TV Price depends on its feature, size & build quality. Vision offers the best quality LED TV, Smart TV at a reasonable price in Bangladesh. Customers can buy with 9-12 month EMI up to 0% interest. 

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