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Fan Price in Bangladesh

Vision Fan is a premium category electric brand backed by RFL with the best quality at the best price. Vision Ceiling Fan launched 6 years back in Bangladesh; during launch it tried a little field & outfield branding scopes taken under the privilege of Vision brand. At this moment, we can say that Vision Ceiling Fan is one of the most popular fan brands in Bangladesh. Capitalize the popularity & brand name want to create positive buzz & grow massive engagement with the end customers Brand Name. We want our consumers to purchase our product full of believable & trustworthiness. Product quality, PWD involvement & enlisted, Belongs A category Fan, Belongs 5 star. Besides the basic 56” ceiling fan, Vision has a huge range of decorative fans in the Bangladesh market.

Want a high-speed ceiling fan? Leading the range is the Vision super ceiling fan Series, bold, dynamic, and designer ceiling fans which are technologically unmatched at vision. 

We offer fans to our customers at a reasonable price with fast home delivery.  

Choose from our wide range of fancy fans, table fans, wall fans, high-speed fans, kids fans, premium under light fans, exhaust fans, decorative fans, stand/pedestal fans, car fans, net fans, basic fan in a wide variety of colours and sweep size and make sure that your house reflects your aesthetics every time at affordable price. 

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