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Air Conditioner in Bangladesh

Rapid urbanization, weather changes, a rise in per capita income, a growing middle class, inexpensive air conditioning pricing, and acceptance of the air conditioning system as a utility rather than a luxury item contributed to market expansion.

The causes fueling the expansion in demand for Vision AC include greater urbanization, rising global warming, and more purchasing power.

 Air Conditioner Price in Bangladesh

Vision AC has started producing and assembling air conditioners at reasonable pricing. At the moment, its manufacturing capacity is sufficient to meet national demand.

Vision AC ensures 1, 1.5, & 2 ton AC at the best price in Bangladesh. Vision also manufactured 2.5, 3, 4, & 5 ton AC for commercial purposes.

Riding on lifestyle changes, the Vision Air conditioner industry has seen a dramatic increase in sales during the pandemic-led new normal, even as most other luxury products have declined. 

Air conditioner price on its size. 2 ton ac price is more than 1 ton ac price in Bangladesh. 

Overall we offer the most reasonable Ac price in the Bangladeshi market. Our customer can buy AC with EMI up to 9 – 12 months install. 


Split AC is the most prevalent form of air conditioner found in Bangladeshi houses with an AC installed. The indoor unit is positioned within the room. In contrast, the outdoor unit, as the name implies, is located outside of the room. A series of pipes link indoor & outdoor units. The refrigerant is circulated through copper pipes that circulate to create either chilled or hot air. In terms of energy efficiency, a split system with the highest ENERGY STAR certification makes your system more energy-efficient and helps keep the environment clean, and lowers your monthly power bill by using less energy.

 Air Conditioner System and Install

If it's time to install a new ac unit or replace an existing system with a more energy-efficient system, here's an energy-efficient choice to consider. The split air conditioner system is one of the most prevalent air conditioning systems that operate well in houses without ductwork as an addition to your present heating and cooling system.

People are less concerned with making a one-time payment for an air conditioner and more concerned with the monthly fee they will pay after the purchase. Now, you may put your anxieties aside since technical progress has provided a solution to your dilemma. The inverter series ac price in Bangladesh technology will not help you save money on your power bill. An air conditioner's inverter technology can adjust the compressor speed and continually regulate the temperature in the room, saving 30-50 percent of power usage.

When the compressor is turned on, it functions at maximum capacity and consumes all available power. When the thermostat is above the temperature threshold set at the air conditioner price in Bangladesh, the compressor is turned off; however, the fan is still running.

However, the compressor inside an Inverter air conditioner is always on, and its power and velocity are properly controlled. The compressor automatically adjusts the capacity dependent on the needs of the space. As a result, we discovered that inverter technology regulates the electric current, voltage, and frequency.

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