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Washing Machine in Bangladesh

Washing Machine is not a luxurious product. This is the most useful product for day-to-day household cloth wash. It contents a barrel is filled with water and then rotated very quickly to make the water remove dirt from the clothes. VISION Washing Machines are coming up with a variety of options that are not directly involved with its basic functions. Technology and innovation mostly matured over the years. Size, type, warranty, services, and styles have a big role in buying decisions. VISION has 2 -10 years of warranty for the brand quality promise. Urban fast & busy life, washing machine play an important role, especially for working women. It also reduces human effort, saves time, is easy to use which can create some happy moments with our families & friends. The most important thing is that washing machine saves 30% more water usage than conventional washing.

VISION introduces 7 types’ washing machines with modest designs and better quality. There have some extraordinary features like electricity consumption, which is important for the Bangladesh context. It has an anti-bacterial filter, A+++ European standard, blue-ray sterilizations, etc.

Washing Machine Price Bangladesh

To find washing machine prices in Bangladesh, just search our site, you will find different design washing machines with different prices. Our prices are varies depending on SKU and features. VISION best affordable price washing machine only 4,500/- on 2.5 kg. Besides this VISION have 7kg twin type washing machine in two models, 6kg & 8kg top loading & front loading washing machine. Our 6kg front loading is only 26,000/- which is the lowest price in Bangladeshi Market.

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