5 Things to Know Before Buying a Refrigerator

We are all guilty of finding ourselves in the situation we don’t like to be in, right? Buying electronic appliances that are not appropriate for us or our home is a common problem. Not only we have to go through the tiring process of buying, returning or exchanging products, sometimes we also sacrifice a large amount of money while doing so.

Thus, the first process of buying large home appliances is to know what you want and what you need. If you want to buy an electronic appliance, you must understand its purpose first. The greater the purpose, the higher its importance is.

A Refrigerator is one of the kitchen appliances that serve an important purpose in your life. It takes care of the food that you consume. So, you need to consider some important and particular aspects if you want to buy a refrigerator for your home.


1. Space/Place for your fridge

You will access your refrigerator daily. That’s why you should select an appropriate space that would make using the refrigerator easier for you.  The most common place to keep the refrigerator in the kitchen. However, consider keeping the refrigerator at your dining room if your kitchen doesn’t have much space left.

2. Measurement

After selecting the space for your refrigerator, you have to consider buying one that will fit into that space. So, you will have to measure the height, width, and depth of the selected space to know what size of refrigerator you can buy. 

3. Style and Types

Focus on choosing a style that would both suit the design of your kitchen as well as your taste. You should also calculate the budget that you want to spend.

While looking for a suitable style, you have to consider what type of refrigerator you want to buy. There are various types of models in different styles that you can pick from such as,

Three most common types of refrigerators are




 3.1 Side-by-side Refrigerators

In this type, both the refrigerator and the freezer are next to each other. This type offers easy access to the appliance as it comes with a big freezer. It also offers segmented and organized storage.

A side-by-side refrigerator is suitable for you if you want to have rich features. This type will also provide you with easy access to both refrigerated and frozen foods. However, it does come with narrow shelves so you have to plan your organization accordingly.

 3.2 Bottom-freezer refrigerator

In this type of refrigerator, the freezer is placed under the refrigerator section. The crisper drawer is on the upper level so you don’t have to bend to reach for your fruits and veggies. You can also store oversized items in this type of refrigerator. The only problem with this fridge will be to find food unless you can organize otherwise.

 3.3 Top-freezer refrigerator models

This type provides adjustable glass shelves. These glass shelves are much more efficient in containing spills. They also offer maximum flexibility in terms of storage. This type is one of the common designs available in the market but it will also give you a spacious interior to work with. Top-freezer refrigerators can be considered as the least stylish among the three. It will also cost you less than the other.

Because of its spacious interior, it can accommodate oversized stuff such as large plates. You can also store more frozen foods and have more ice in the freezer of this model.

4. Features

Be mindful on your checkings. Always check the features of the fridge you want to buy. Take a close look at the shelves (adjustable ones too) and drawers. Try to understand what you have to work with after the purchase. Examine the temperature and temperature controls. 

Try to understand if you will be comfortable to use the control system. Moreover, know if the refrigerator comes with a suitable temperature to store all kinds of food items. For instance, the raw, packaged meat needs to be kept in the colder sections. 

Look into the energy efficiency of the refrigerators. It means you need to know how much energy your refrigerator is going to require. Check out the warranty and how to power it properly.

5. Exterior

Now that you have taken a closer look at the features and types, let's look for the exterior. You already know what size you need to buy based on your measurements. So, consider everything before choosing a model. Then, focus on the exterior design of the refrigerator.

Most popular option to buy is the ones with a stainless steel finish. You can also choose between red and blue with a wide range of designs over them. For instance, VISION refrigerators come with a variety of patterns on blue, brown and red colored exterior. Some models come with a glass door. So, go ahead and choose as you like.


As a buyer, your first focus should be what you need and what you can work with. Know how to clean and organize a refrigerator to have an in-depth understanding of the appliance. You can’t take care of your refrigerator and keep the necessary food items in it unless the fridge can provide you with enough space. 

You can’t stop your food wastage if it doesn’t offer you accessibility. Thus, think about everything that you will have to deal with later and decide.